Sunday, September 18, 2016

PUMAGIRL at Excelsior Youth Center

This testimony was found on the Internet as a comment to an article about the so-called treatment facility. All rights goes to the original author.

All lies - try 45 girls to a unit not 12. They look like mid-century mental hospital rooms.
I was here in 1986-1989 and staff steals from you. If you say anything, 24 hours lock up for you my earrings were gone and the witch had the nerve to wear them to work claiming they were hers. There was nothing I could do plus because I said something I was locked up 24 hours straight in a dirty room with no mattress. Btw my mom had the earrings custom made for me and my best friends 6th grade graduation that included our birthstones to make them more personal on top of the design so how would she have the same pair??? … she wouldn’t that’s how ugh!!!

Do not send your girls here it really messed me up worse than I was I’m 43 now and still have a reoccurring nightmare where I wake up and I’m there it is terrifying every time I have it and it’s been happening since 1989. I always wake up and I’m crying I literally have tears in my eyes because I’m locked up there in my old room and it’s dark and so sad the feeling is just despair!

Don’t do this to your girls it ruined my relationship with my mom I never trusted her again and was hurt she actually put me in this prison that is what it is it’s horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They made me feel like I was nothing and put me down every chance they had because they said I was conceded or I thought too much of myself … how does one do that and why would they want me to feel like less of anything.

My friend June Pena hung herself when I was there I’ll never forget the look on her face hanging in the laundry room “ever” !! By the way June was 14 and that’s as far as her life went I hate this place and everyone who works here old hags just under paid pissed off jealous evil witches then they have a website called “working at excelsior youth center” complaining about the girls and how they laugh at them with one another “how professional” !!! And saying that they are horrible, dirty (hygiene wise not true) also some claiming the girls are too much trouble and not worth it and they’re too hard to deal with. Well they knew where they were applying what did they expect sweet valley high? And if that’s how they feel about the girls why work there to begin with? To take it out on the girls that their life didn’t turn out as they hoped I mean if they feel like they were too good for the job they should have got a better education or married a doctor like I did I guess they’re the ones who really needed the help … bums!


Saturday, August 13, 2016

A stay at Kolob Canyon RTC

This testimony was found on Yelp. All rights goes to the original author

I am a previous girl from Kolob and i will say i had the worst time ever.

My basic rights as a human being were taken away from me, I was forced to take various amounts of psychiatric drugs (which is against my religion) I also do not agree with the drugging of children teens adults or of the elderly, most if not all "medication" (drugs) that are given are in the same category as heroin meth and coke and have the exact side effects that you are trying to get away from. Don't like how you feel on them, too bad you have to wait for the "Doctor" to come back in and talk to you. They give you the wrong dose or give it to you at the wrong time and you fall asleep due to it, to bad you will still get in trouble.

There have been numerous girls who have had medical issues ignored just because staff did not want to deal with it. Girls that were sick had to deal with it by themselves and staff would not help unless it was basically to the point of death. I've seen girls twist and sprain joints even a few dislocations without even a single glance from the staff. I understand "safety and super safety" (when you first come in to make sure you are not a run or suicide risk) but a lot of times girls would have to do early morning horse chores in nothing but slippers and just sweats and a light hoodie while there was at least 4 feet of snow on the ground, that's around half an hour out in that condition to make sure all the horses water is broken and they are properly feed.

There is no real dietary care for each girl individually, when i was there we were put on the dietary needs of the biggest girl that was there ( around 200 pounds) i gained a tremendous amount of weight to the point where i had to go on a diet when i get home cause i was considered obese. I was lied to by my on site therapist and i was made to take punishments for things i did not do. The girls there have no say in anything and will never be listened too.

If anything it is a sever state of Stockholm syndrome, and they "get better" due to the fear of punishment that they will receive. I am actively working to get Kolob looked into and investigated. I have sever night terrors from my stay at Kolob and wake up screaming almost every night. I would highly recommend that you find alternative methods to helping your child.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

jmb2605 at Provo Canyon School

A testimony from a author known as "jmb2605"

I was at PCS from 98-00.

I was beaten, starved, drugged and mentally abused. I was subjected to monthly vaginal exams FOR NO REASON. I have not ever had an STD or any of the likes. I was given meds for conditions I never had. I was locked in obs for DAYS, or straped to a board while i laid in urine because they wouldnt feed me or let me go to the bathroom. I spend 6 weeks in a small chair with my knees against the wall with no contact with ANYONE. I lost over 70lbs. And my therapist had my parents fooled into thinking that it was all great. My parents once flew across the country to see me just to be told I wasnt allowed to see them. (because they had me in obs naked) I once had to sit in the snow in only pants and a t-shirt for hours for saying NO. I spent more time on investment than anywhere else.

I was sent with a small group of girls into the wilderness for 7 days with men who i had no idea who they were, and it was called a privledge. We had no bathroom or proper food. These outtings were described to my parents as "treats".

I have royally screwed up my life because I went in as a 14 year old kid and I came out so warped and screwed up. I followed my mom around like a dog for months when i came home, i was use to being told when i could eat, pee, sleep and then BAM nothing. I got use to being called by my last name and didnt respond to my first anymore. my number 326, really messes me up, my birthday being the 26th. I hate that number. I wont buy things if the total comes up to that. I have big anxiety problems.

I have two children and no husband, because i want love and someone to need me but i do not enjoy physical contact, and fear sleep. I sleep on an average of 4 hours a night, if that. I hate being naked. I HATE IT. I feel like i was subjected to being a show item infront of men and women alike. I was stripped like a doll and left on the floor of obs so many times. My first night there i didnt fully understand why i needed to get naked and squat infront of someone i had never in my life seen. They dialed 9 and i was searched and all my clothes taken from me. Im in no way saying i didnt have issues. My step dad was abusing my whole family and i acted out. I have very deep depression and I am slowly working through it.

I have been out of PCS for 11 years and rarely a week goes by that I dont have nightmares.but that places damages a child more than anyone can repare. ANyone that needs to talk I am here.

While it is unclear how damaging the long-term effects of a stay in such a facility can turn out to be, it must be clear that none can walk away without damage. A classic example is the case of manslaughter of a person convicted of criminal sexual contact of a minor. The 21 year old women who took his life as an act of defense was a former "student" of Provo Canyon School, who after her release from the facility became an easy prey for an older man who at the time of his murder was the center of a police investigation tied to drug abuse. The family had used a lot of money on the useless treatment at Provo Canyon School so there was no left for a high priced lawyer who would have got her cleared of the charges.

In year 2000 Charter Behavioral Health Systems sold Provo Canyon School to Universal Health Services, Inc.